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metin zafer dışşti.

 yaş sebze meyve ihracatı
  Firma Adı :  metin zafer dışşti.
  Sektör :   » Yaş Sebze ve Meyva
  Kuruluş Yılı :  1993
Adres :  ordu cad.laleli iş mrk 293 /74 laleli istanbul
  Semt :  laleli
  İlçe :  Eminönü
  İl / Şehir :  İstanbul
Telefon :  212-5178036
Faks :  212-5178095
Web Sitesi :   Firma Sitesine Git

Firma Hakkında Detaylı Bilgi


METIN ZAFER LTD. “TROY®” is a well-known and a powerful establishment of which foundation began in 1980’s. Its founders are: Metin. Celal, Abdurrahman and Ismail ZAFER bros.
Zafer bros. have begun their commercial life with some friendly connections in Europe and have rapidly expanded their exports to the whole south-eastern Europe. Their products have gained a just & good reputation especially in south-eastern Europe under the ™ TROY® since 1989.
The company has started to market goods with Turkish origin, heading entirely towards fresh products as it has improved its export capacity and market share since 1990 especially concerning citrus and tomatoes. Today TROY® is realising the exportation of 20 different products through processing and packaging in Antalya province, Izmir, Bursa, Thrace and Dardanelles. As it is generally accepted in Turkey, our company also takes utmost care and pays respect to universal standards of the products during packaging and processing.
Regarding their amounts, among our products lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, tomatoes, cucumber, aubergine, potato, leek, onion, kinds of pepper, paprika, cauliflower, water melon, dried figs, dried apricots and raisins have priority. On the other hand, in a parallel with the recent trends of the – World markets, the sun dried and the organic food products are tried to be evaluated among the products of our company.
Generally, the phases of processing, packaging and loading of such a broad production take place in the sister facilities located at the Exporters’ Wholesale Market of Antalya and in Seferihisar - Izmir. Today we have a transport company named “AZT” operating with its 2 refrigerated trucks based in Istanbul besides our head office. On the other hand, the CELAL ZAFER LTD. company which directs our production in Southern Turkey operates in a 800 m2 covered area at the Exporters’ Wholesale Market of Antalya is the second sister establishment owned by TROY® group. Both companies are indivisible partners of our activities.
The products and services that we deal with under the ™ TROY have been recognised and have found buyers in: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia&Monte Negro, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Baltic countries, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Germany and Holland.
Our company often takes place at international fairs and promotional organisations under the membership of different professional – sector unions in order to continue its prestigious line and to protect its esteemed name.

Our company was founded in 1990. We have our central office in İstanbul, Turkey; a transportation company with our own refrigerated trucks and a packaging house in Antalya, the heart of production, processing and export of fresh food products in Turkey.

The goods we export are generally handled in our own facilities. TROY TM exports different kinds of fresh and dried food products, fruits and vegetables mainly of Turkish origin. We are very proud to claim that we apply all universal merits and environmental sensitivity to our production in order to gain our customers’ satisfaction. TROY TM exports its products mainly to European countries among which are: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia&Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Repuplic, Baltic Countries, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Italy, Germany and Holland…

Our main products are : Citrus fruits, tomato, cucumber. Besides that we also produce and export: leeks, peppers, paprika, capia, eggplant, cherry, zucchini, marrow, dried figs, apricots, raisins (sultana) etc.

Thanks to the vast knowledge and long experience that our staff are enjoying, our customers & partners always rely upon the quality of our services and products. As a result of this TROY TM has become a leading company among the Turkish

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